American high-tech companies face considerable challenges in the Japanese market. kamo, inc. helps its clients to leverage their core technologies through careful planning and strategic partnerships.

Planning and Partnerships

kamo, inc. will help you formulate a strategic plan for your company in Japan. Through careful planning, you'll gain access to the information you'll need to assess and choose the best of several potential partners or distributors. When appropriate, kamo, inc. can help you hire local staff and set up a local operation.

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Ongoing Support

kamo, inc. provides ongoing long-term support for distribution and other partnership relationships. We develop pro-active strategies to anticipate cultural issues and avoid miscommunication, both of which can create serious obstacles to realizing long-term goals and short-term rewards. kamo, inc. helps your staff maximize their ability to conduct complex business negotiations during trips to Japan and fills in the gaps by providing a local presence between trips.

Technical Consultation

kamo, inc. can help you identify appropriate software localization requirements and resources. kamo, inc. will serve as a liaison your technical staff and Japanese counterparts in order to assure that your products meet the demanding Japanese standards for quality and attention to detail.

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